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Specializes in optimal and mechanized farming technology.  Our farming techniques entail:


  1. Land analysis using satellite technology

  2. Selection of appropriate types of rice best suited to the soil characteristics

  3. Choosing the right fertilizers to augment the soil and climate conditions

  4. Mechanized operating processes, geared to

a) optimize planting/harvesting cycles

b) enhance drying and milling protocol

c) maximize yields per hectare


We have high-yield rice farms in Gasan and Mogpog with our Gasan farm equipped with complete state-of-the-art drying and milling central.

In the works we have:

  • A high-yield rice farm in Boac

  • A dragon fruit farm in Buenavista

  • A combined high-yield rice and corn farm in Torrijos

Image by Marty Garcia


To promote an independent commodity-based industrialization program to help develop a more robust agro-industrial sector in the Philippines, uplift the standard of living of every farmer and agricultural worker, create more lucrative opportunities in the farming industry, and dramatically reduce the country’s rice dependency from other countries.



From all the idle and under utilized farming lands across the Philippines, the old fashion laborious manual farming technique, and unattractive farming business models, Fazendas is founded to elevate and uplift rice production and processing in the country using state of the art technology.  Our partnership with one of the most qualified and advanced rice research institutions in Asia, provides Fazendas a meaningful platform and presence in the booming agro-industrial sector. This is a game changer in the Philippines particularly in areas where we have robust farming operations like the towns of Gasan, Mogpog, Torrijos, Buenavista in Marinduque.


Our vision is to collaborate with and uproot all farmers and agricultural workers out of poverty, provide them with the know-how and technology to farm more efficiently, and open doors to monetize their rice and agricultural harvest at higher market price levels (Commodity-based Industrialization). This is an inclusive and sustainable industrial development where shared prosperity, socio-economic development and safeguarding the environment are the top priorities.


Fazendas is partnering with local farmers, government agencies, independent farming operators and global enterprises to capitalize on state of the art techniques and technology to promote greater rice self-sufficiency and stable growth trajectory to sustain economic growth and development.

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